Follow Amundsen's expedition to the South Pole.

South Pole, Antarctica

Conquest! Hurra! Reaching the South Pole on the 14 December 1911 was a universal triumph, a conquest of the last great geographical goals. We marked the South Pole – our "Poleheim" – with a spare tent and a Norwegian flag. I left a letter there as well, addressed to King Haakon VII of Norway thus verifying our achievement.

Actually, it was "a race to the pole" because during our expedition Robert Scott launched an expedition to reach the Pole as well. Scott began his journey three weeks later and reached the Pole 33 days after we did – it had to be a huge disappointment for Scott and his crew, when he learn that we had beaten him to it. Scott’s return journey was filled with exhaustion, hunger and extreme cold, his last diary entry is dated 29 March 1912. He died in his tent alongside two of his men.

Do you see now the real shape of the Antarctica? Now you can contemplate the Antarctic Ice without distortions.