Follow Jack the Sailor around the world.

Yorkshire, England

Ahoy! I’m Jack the Sailor. My day starts when Captain Cook shouts: “Whee-ugh, all hands on deck ah-hoy”. The Royal Society financed a scientific expedition to the Pacific in 1768 and with the ship “the Endeavour”. We left from England to sail over the Pacific Ocean and discovered “Neu England”, todays “New Zealand” and the "Terra Australis Incognita".

I’m just a sailor, but there’s the Great Cabin, it is for reading and writing, examining charts, plotting courses, studying animals and plants. There are among others, artists working that have an important role. Besides analysis and scientific illustrations, they depict crucial moments and record the moods and impressions of our journey.

Travel with Jack around the world and observe, how his viewpoint and his center of the world will be changed.