Follow Merians journey to Surinam.

Ocean to Surinam, Netherlands – Surinam

To discover the "New World – America", I’m ready to abandon the "Old World – Afro Eurasia" with my daughter Dorothea. For the crossing of the wild ocean in 1699 we needed more than two months. The wind was still for days and sea sickness was a constant companion. Me and my daughter packed household goods and working materials of all kinds, such as paper, parchment, paints, pens, glasses, bottles of brandy, needles, magnifying glasses, etc.

As soon as we arrived in Surinam, it was clear to me: apart from the habitable coastal strip, a colorful, wild, tropical rainforest stretched inland.

There are many different ways to design a world map. Do you think this colorful map represents the colorful world of Merians Surinam?