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Follow Merians journey to Surinam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Some years after my return, my main work "Methamorphosis Insectorum Surinamensium" is published. It depicts the richness and beauty of the South American tropics: Colorful patterned giant butterflies in front of wonderful flowers, moths unfolding their proboscis, shimmering leaves, munching caterpillars, hummingbird eating tarantulas, fat toads with their eggs and tadpoles, ants balancing on branches with snakes fighting alligators!

These drawings of the tropical insect world have made me famous. My books are displayed in the best libraries. The edition is also published in German and not only in Latin as was common at that time, which made my books accessible to the public.

Did you contemplate the world through the eyes of Maria Sibylla Merian? Did you get all the different viewpoints of the world?