Follow Merians journey to Surinam.

Paramaribo, Surinam

Goede dag Paramaribo. People do not understand, why two independent women without an employer, husband or patron travel for scientific illustrations. Plantation owners mock me, asking why I’m searching for unknown plants and not just for sugar. But they just don't understand my research, nor the beauty of butterflies. They don't know how butterflies spread their colourful wings after they hatch. This all happens in the beauty of the jungle. There is a variety of different species, and many shimmering colors - I was totally overwhelmed by this unusual beauty. I try to represent this exactly with my brush.

The rainforest is huge and it is difficult to stay orientated. My access to maps – especially world maps – was not take for granted, there were just a few maps of Surinam from the Amsterdam Cartographer Josua Ottens. Most of it I had to discover myself.

Let's have a closer look to Surinam. Did you know the outline shape of Surinam or about its neighbouring countries?